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Woolcool is an environmentally friendly product transforming supply chains with their high-performance packaging options ideal for many different industries (e.g. food, beverage, pharmaceutical) that rely on transportation of temperature sensitive goods.

Woolcool is made of 100% sheep's wool, a renewable resource that is biodegradable, sustainable, natural and compostable.  The “waste” wool in Woolcool cannot be used in fashion or in textiles/carpets because it is too coarse, does not produce a comfortable garment and won’t absorb dye. This wool has been traditionally used for housing insulation products and is now in the innovative packaging solution that outperforms other options currently on the market.

Woolcool has been scientifically proven for its environmental and performance credentials and has received many impressive testimonials in the UK, Europe and Australia. Woolcool has obtained independent tests from many credible institutions to prove its performance.

The patented technology comprises a complex blend of wool fibres to provide consistent, optimal insulative properties. The wool is washed only with soap and hot water and felted to make the insulation material to the required thickness. The felt is then cut to size and sealed within a recyclable, food grade film.  The natural washing process ensures the wool is sterilised and smells like a new jumper!  Wrapping and sealing the wool inside a recyclable film prevents the fibres coming in contact with products during transport and so does not taint. 

There are many advantages to using Woolcool insulated packaging box and pouch solutions.  Advantages include:

  • Smaller warehouse storage requirements as Woolcool comes flat-packed - not as bulky boxes.  There is a 70% saving on storage and movement costs!
  • Less damaged goods end up in landfill as Woolcool has a cushioning effect during transport ensuring products arrive in better condition.
  • Online grocery, food, beverage and pharmaceutical items that have very temperature sensitive transport needs can easily be spoiled resulting in significant wastage due to risks in food and human safety.  Woolcool has been proven to keep chilled items at the critical 5oC or lower for more than 24 hours.
  • Woolcool prevents food wastage and maintains nutritional content which can be lost due to damage and fluctuating temperatures.
  • Due to the hydroscopic nature of wool and the breathable food grade film, Woolcool reduces condensation and removes humidity preventing spoilage and maintains the integrity of cardboard cartons during transit.
  • Superior insulation means fewer ice packs are necessary making smaller deliveries more feasible, reducing the cost and weight of transport and creating less plastic and water wastage. Most customers can reduce the number of ice packs by 60% or expand to new delivery areas knowing that their product is safer for longer.
  • Oil-based packaging options have limited thickness options and therefore restrictions.  Woolcool comes in many thickness sizes offering substantial cost savings to companies during cooler seasons and/or shorter shipments.
  • Customers find they can use smaller cardboard boxes for shipping than other options as they can pack more product into the boxes with less “wasted air space”.  It is not viable to be shipping air!
  • Less returned boxes and goods mean less cost and fuel for redelivering.
  • More boxes can be fitted on trucks saving fuel and transport costs (e.g. one client could put 250 Woolcool boxes on to one pallet vs. 120 polystyrene boxes on to one pallet)!
  • Due to the superior performance for shipping temperature sensitive goods, many customers find they no longer need refrigerated trucks for their deliveries saving a significant amount of energy.

The attributes of Woolcool and the company’s recycling schemes combine to create a sustainable and environmental friendly solution:

  • The food grade film can be recycled
  • Woolcool liners can be used many times, often more times than polystyrene boxes which easily crush. 
  • Woolcool can be composted as it breaks down quickly in the environment which unlike polystyrene, is fully biodegradable. 
  • Wool felts can be repurposed throughout the home (e.g. lining pet trays, protecting garden plants, insulating water pipes, lining garden beds, hanging baskets and worm farms etc.)
  • Woolcool has a customer recycling program where we can collect and recommission the used liners.

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