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Packaging NZ welcomes packaging being seen as a new "priority"


Packaging New Zealand has welcomed the Government’s recognition that packaging be considered a priority in New Zealand.

Packaging New Zealand’s Executive Director Sharon Humphreys says: ”Today’s announcement reflects a willingness by Government - not seen since the days of the Packaging Accords - to address the complexities, as well as the benefits that packaging offers all New Zealanders.”

“It is recognition of the capacity business has to understand supply chains and then work out cost effective solutions taking account of logistics, product design and stakeholder and customer expectations, including a deep understanding of the impacts of significant amounts of imported packaging and products, often as a consequence of free trade agreements.”

Packaging New Zealand expects the Government’s programme for making packaging a ‘Priority Product’ will focus all those involved in supply chains on a whole-of-life approach, because “Business does not have the luxury of superficial but simplistic solutions. Business has to produce and sell goods that customers wants to buy, adapt to changing societal expectations and balance all three pillars of sustainability; financial, social and environmental.”

“We are optimistic that collaboration will see practical solutions for managing packaging to achieve the different and joint responsibilities of industry, government and all New Zealanders to transition to a circular, zero waste economy.”

For further information contact:
Sharon Humphreys
Executive Director
Packaging New Zealand
Ph: (09) 271 4044
Mobile: 021 612 052
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