Carter Holt Harvey

Carter Holt Harvey delivers innovation, sustainability and customer benefits

Carter Holt Harvey Pulp, Paper & Packaging has recently developed a ‘Solidfibre Slipsheet’ in partnership with Silver Fern Farms for use in the meat industry. The Solidfibre Slipsheet is used in the automated loading of containers and offers superior load stability and handling through improved grip of the cases on the slipsheet and, in turn, of the slipsheet on the pallet.

The new system has delivered a range of benefits including a reduction in manual loading as well as reduced health and safety risks. The new system allows for increased pallet loads and more efficient cube utilisation on delivery trucks resulting in a significant reduction in the number of movements and the warehousing space required.

The new slipsheet is made from laminated sheets of kraft linerboard papers whereas the slipsheet previously in use was made from recycled plastic. Being made from naturally renewable wood fibre, the slipsheets are able to be recycled at the destination within established paper-recycling infrastructure.