OfficeMax reusable packaging reduces impacts and cost

OfficeMax in 2014, launched their returnable carton. The initiative was to reuse cartons for retail fulfilment and internal distribution transfers.

OfficeMax identified the opportunity to reduce packaging costs and to reduce impact on the environment. The business currently processes approximately 1,600 returnable cartons per month and hope to expand this initiative. They are confident that each carton will be reused at least five times thus maximising the benefits.

Another initiative that has arisen from the 2014 commitment to define, reportand improve its sustainability was the launch of the Auckland Distribution Centre’s automated box profiling system. This analyses customer orders and selects the appropriate carton size.

OfficeMax is always looking to explore other avenues that will improve its environmental impact, and its current initiative is to review the amount of void fill being used in cartons and whether a ‘plastic air pillow’ would be abetter solution.