Amcor Flexibles Award Winning Farrah’s Multigrain Packaging has ‘Meal Appeal’

Packaging is a combination of product protection, brand awareness and consumer appeal. In its various forms – flexible, carton board, corrugated board, metal or other materials – it has to be fit for purpose in containing and sealing its contents, protecting the product from handling, sunlight, water or contamination. At the same time it must promote the brand image of the client and scream “pick me” on the retail shelves. Kiwi printers have been adept at raising their quality bar to compete with overseas companies, thinking outside the square to provide quality products and design. They are leading the way in demonstrating the power of print – keeping print work in New Zealand and providing customers with an edge.

The Pride In Print Supreme Winner is a food pouch that answered perfectly the main role of food packaging – it gave its contents “meal appeal” to the supermarket shopper.

Farrah’s Multigrain wrap, printed by the Branston Street, Christchurch, branch of Amcor Flexibles Asia Pacific, was voted the “best of the best” because, in the words of Awards Chairman Scott Porter, it went straight to the taste buds of the shopper.

Many FMCG (fast-moving consumer goods) decisions are made by customers in a matter of seconds, and these guys have not only met the brief, they have knocked it for six.

The wrapper was designed in such a way as to give the impression the printed photograph of the food contents was actually in front of the food pouch, sitting on it. In turn the wrapper appears as if it is sitting on a coloured table cloth. Including a white plate in the print furthered this effect.

Pride In Print judges commended the wrap as demonstrating the real power in print:  A good example of designers and printers working together to create a great package. The judges also praised the calibre of the flexographic print process used, and the ability of Amcor Flexibles to compete on the international stage with success.

This job speaks to me on many levels. Visually, it is very appealing. They have successfully reproduced the colours and made it look as if the product sits outside the wrapper.

There is extra tactile feel applied over some areas such as the recipes, to enhance the experience of the buyer. These guys have found a way to stop work of this calibre going offshore. It rocks!

The wrapper won both the Packaging Category prize and the award as the best entry using a flexographic print process.