The first of November marks a significant moment in the history of the business formerly known as Carter Holt Harvey Pulp, Paper and Packaging as it announces a change of name to Oji Fibre Solutions.

In announcing the new company name CEO Dr Jon Ryder said:
“The name change holds high significance for the company and our people, many of whom have been with the business for many years or even decades.”
“The Carter Holt Harvey name is iconic in New Zealand with a history dating back more than 100 years, it has been a significant employer and often the largest in regions and towns around New Zealand and Australia. Our change of name marks the beginning of a new era especially for the pulp, paper and packaging sector in Australia and New Zealand.”
The new owners bring opportunities for growth of the business as evidenced by the recent announcement of the expansion and upgrade of the Penrose paper bag facility. Oji Holdings, the major shareholder, has a track record for long term commitment to New Zealand having invested in the Pan Pac operations in Napier since 1971.
Dr Ryder said the new name was selected from an employee competition. It reflects Oji’s commitment to transcend traditional boundaries as captured by the group’s global catch phrase: “Beyond the Boundaries”.
“Oji Fibre Solutions looks beyond geographies, beyond capabilities and beyond pulp and paper. The thinking behind the name shows we are a company built on a strong heritage, a trusted partner and future focussed” said Dr Ryder.  Mr Mikito Terauchi, Oji Fibre Solutions Vice President, said: “The name change marks a major milestone in the integration of the business and formal recognition as a member of the Oji Group.”
“The new name describes our passion for growth and the opportunities surrounding us. As the most significant investment for Oji outside of Japan we are very proud to be working alongside the management team and all of the people who make up this business, and look forward to jointly taking the business forward.”
Oji Fibre Solutions is a leading softwood fibre-based forest products business producing a range of kraft pulps, container board and packaging products, for example for dairy and horticulture industries. The group includes three pulp and paper facilities, packaging operations in New Zealand and Australia, the Fullcircle waste paper collection business and the Lodestar logistics operation. Export markets include China, the US, South Africa, South East, South Asia and Australia.