CHEP New Zealand Introduces Solutions Portfolio to Provide More Value Throughout Supply Chains

AUCKLAND – 27 February 2017 – CHEP New Zealand has today announced a new range of solutions designed to help customers transform their supply chains for sustainable, long-term change. 

These solutions, available immediately, build on the company’s extensive 60-year experience in supporting the supply chains of local, national and global businesses, and recognise a broader movement in the world today to transform supply chains for positive change.

“Our role within the supply chain is to empower customers with the tools and resources to create efficiencies and eliminate waste, improving the environment and the bottom line,” said Mike O’Brien, Country General Manager, CHEP New Zealand. “This is the Supply Change™ together we can make it happen.”

CHEP has designed and launched a new range of solutions to help companies in the consumer goods, manufacturing, fresh food, grocery and retail industries optimise their supply chains.

The first of the new solutions on offer are:

Platform Solutions - providing a consistent supply of standardised and reusable Platform Solutions locally and globally – including various pallets and Reusable Plastic Containers (RPCs) – helps eliminate waste and allows customers to significantly reduce their environmental footprint and cost of goods.

Value Chain Analysis - working collaboratively, CHEP will look at movements throughout supply chains, identifying any causes of inefficiency, mapping out opportunities for improvement and helping create value.

International Solutions - help to optimise sourcing and receiving processes, reducing handling and manual labour costs as product is moved through international supply chains more efficiently - from production sites around the world to store shelves. 

Store Solutions - streamline merchandising and replenishment to improve consumer experience, satisfaction, and loyalty. These solutions are designed to facilitate efficient store fulfilment, reduce packaging materials, and ultimately increase on shelf availability, brand presence, and sales volumes.

“Each of our new solutions help to identify efficiencies, eliminate waste and can improve the performance of our customers’ supply chains. They were developed by CHEP’s innovative, pragmatic engineers and logistics professionals to help partners move product from the farm or processing facility to the store shelf faster and more efficiently,” said Phillip Austin, President of CHEP Asia Pacific.

“By enabling customers to outsource, share and reuse platforms, we encourage supply chains to use higher quality platforms, connect seamlessly with more trading partners, reduce transportation, generate less waste, use fewer natural resources, lower platform inventories and attain the many efficiencies of standardisation,” he said.

The results of working together have already been proven. Every year, thousands of the world’s supply chains choose to share and reuse our platforms. Globally, by deciding to partner with CHEP and share resources during the 2016 financial year 2.3 million tonnes of CO2 were taken out of the atmosphere, 1.4 million trees were left on the planet, 1.3 million tonnes of waste never made it to landfills, and 3,920 less tonnes of food were damaged during transport.*