At Flight Plastics we have just bought and re-processed our 1,000th tonne of PET from the New Zealand waste stream!

Wow! It’s been a huge journey and this really is a phenomenal and historic achievement for New Zealand.

To mark such an important milestone we have produced a short video looking at this great Circular Economy opportunity now available in New Zealand : Flight Plastics -NZ Recycled Plastic video

Every kilo of PET we recycle at Flight is a kilo of plastic that does not need to be imported into New Zealand. We have already taken 1,000,000kgs from the New Zealand waste stream, using plastic that is already here rather than just importing more and more. And the products we make with that recycled material are themselves recyclable again and again - so it’s not just the kilos we save the first time, it is a compounding benefit. And we are only just getting started, the plant is capable of 6-8x this volume every year (and is scalable).

This is an opportunity for New Zealand to significantly reduce our volume of imported plastic and demonstrate to ourselves, and to our visitors and export markets, that we are taking responsibility for the waste we are generating - not simply importing more and more on the basis that it is nominally recyclable and can be sent back offshore for someone else to deal with. In reality the majority of that imported plastic is destined for our landfills.

It’s an opportunity for New Zealanders to see that all our recycling efforts are worthwhile, we can all participate by recycling our PET bottles and containers, asking for and buying New Zealand Recycled PET food packaging from our favourite brands and supermarkets, and then recycling those products……. again and again.

It’s an opportunity for food producers, supermarkets, exporters and major brands to source, at no extra cost, genuine New Zealand recycled (& locally recyclable), food grade, internationally recognised, food packaging for meat trays, fruit punnets, bakery products and other packaging.

It’s an opportunity for all Flight’s customers to demonstrate to their local or export markets that they really are acting on the environmental issues their own customers are concerned about.

And at Flight, we are very excited to be developing these opportunities for New Zealand and we thank you in advance for your continued support.

It’s an opportunity for all of us.