Winners of the 2018 PIDAs

In only its second year the 2018 PIDAs were attended by over 500 people at a gala event in Surfers Paradise on 2nd May 2018.

The winners of the 2018 Packaging & Processing Innovation and Design Awards (PIDA) for Australia and New Zealand were announced in front of 500 people during a gala dinner at the Marriott Hotel Surfers Paradise, Queensland. The PIDA Awards were held this year in conjunction with the international WorldStar Packaging Awards which saw over 22 countries in attendance to also collect their awards for 2018.


The 2018 Packaging & Processing Innovation & Design Awards (PIDA) have been designed to recognise companies and individuals who are making a significant difference in their field across Australia and New Zealand. The PIDA Awards are the exclusive feeder program for the prestigious WorldStar Packaging Awards.


2018 Design Innovation of the Year Award - Beverage Category

The Design Innovation of the Year Award – Beverage Category recognises organisations have designed innovative packaging and processing materials, packaging and machinery/equipment within packaging and processing for liquid or dry tea, coffee, water and soft drinks including wine, beer and spirits.


Materials & Packaging Joint winners are: 8Kangaroos by ILNAM Estate and Polatote by Lactote.


8Kangaroos by ILNAM Estate have been awarded the win for a unique and innovative wine bottle shaped like a Kangaroo. In addition, all raw materials were chosen for their ability to be recycled and there was extensive thought and consideration in the development of transport packaging to suit the shape of the bottle. The bottles unique shape makes it unlikely that it will be thrown away after initial use. It is envisaged that the bottle will be retained and used as a decanter, water bottle or just a curious item on a shelf. The bottle being embossed at the base with the brand name means that the brand will live on after label has gone and wine has been consumed. Destined to be extremely successful in the international duty-free market the family-owned business has developed an outstanding and innovative packaging design.

Polatote is both an off-the-shelf supermarket/liquor shop beverage multipack and a portable ice cooler. No longer do you need an Esky style ice container and/or the traditional ice bucket to keep your drinks cold. Polatote has been fully redesigned as a highly functional shrinkfilm multi-pack with global influence and appeal. It is an ice cooler, or more accurately, a method for controlling the temperature of beverages when in and out of doors. It is a comfortable, convenient and sturdy parcel/package for personal carrying and an easily and safely palletised multi-pack for general transportation and distribution. Polatote is a container to ensure original contents once consumed are recycled and do not become litter. Polatote replaces the standard type of beverage packaging presently used to deliver bottles of all types, metal cans and Tetra type cardboard packs to the market place.

High Commendation was awarded to Crush Mate Bottles by LION Dairy & Drinks

The Crush Mate Bottle has been designed as easy to crush, easy to recycle, easy to grip, easy to pour, lightweight bottle that fits 4 times more bottles in the recycling bin. IT is designed for more effective recycling and has better pouring control with the larger handle size.

Machinery & Equipment winner is Container Deposit Systems Australia (CDSA) Vision & Sorting System by SAGE Automation

SAGE Automation developed a range of counting and sensing technologies to accurately determine the container types being retained - even when containers were not in their original condition. What’s more, answering to the calls for IoT technology, the system provides valuable data which is delivered into the cloud and used for reporting. At the heart of the machine is the vision system which was provided by UniSA. The camera uses an algorithm to identify what each item is and sorts them into the correct skid. This includes not just identifying cans and bottles, but also colour. The new development comes just ahead of the national legislation roll out of new Government Recycling Program. It places CDSA in the fortunate position of being able to help recycling plants to be up and running and ready for the new program in no time.

2018 Design Innovation of the Year Award – Food Category

The Design Innovation of the Year Award - Food Category recognises organisations that have designed innovative packaging and processing materials, packaging and machinery/equipment within food packaging and processing including fresh, frozen or other.


Materials & Packaging Winner is Radix Nutrition foil packaging breakfast pouch by Cas-Pak products.

The Radix Nutrition foil breakfast packaging is simple to use, accessible in any situation, preserves nutrients and there is no food waste. The packaging needed to be durable, yet lightweight as they didn’t want to create problems for their users as a lot of their consumers are marathon runners, athletes, rugby players, endurance long distance runners, cyclists, campers and many other outdoor loving people. These people want to enjoy their athletic and outdoor endeavours and want to avoid increases in the weight of their kit so our pouch had to be highly functional, yet add no additional weight.


High Commendation was awarded to Grape N’Go 100% recyclable PET based resealable Fresh Lid by Result Packaging.

The Grape N' Go product is packed with controlled atmosphere in the punnet. The structure of the Fresh Lid has two laminated layers with perforated laser holes on the surface of the lid to allow for optimal O2 permeability. These non-visible to the eye holes allow product respiration and support an extended shelf life. Grape N Go's reclosable lidding employs a special, uncured adhesive layer that is exposed when the consumer first opens the multilayered reclosable lid. Once exposed, the layer maintains its adhesive properties for up to 20 uses, even under challenging cold conditions of refrigerated storage.


Machinery & Equipment Winner is Scott LEAP Suite of Technologies fully-integrated lamb processing system developed by Scott Automation & Robotics, in conjunction with Silverfern Farms and Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA).

Scott Automation & Robotics have developed a fully integrated lamb processing system for disassembling lamb carcases into the standard bone-in retail cuts. Automation in this field has only been made possible with significant advances in innovation and technology in the areas of sensing, materials handling and processing methods. One of the greatest leaps in innovation driven by the Scott LEAP suite of technologies is the Scott Dual energy X-ray absorptiometry (DEXA) sensing technology that enables variable raw material to be measured for size, anatomical structure, composition and yield. The LEAP technology systems are the only fully automated lamb automation systems available worldwide.

2018 Design Innovation of the Year Award – Health, Beauty & Wellness

The Design Innovation of the Year Award – Health, Beauty & Wellness Category recognises organisations that have designed innovative packaging and processing materials, packaging and machinery/equipment within cosmetics, toiletries, personal hygiene, supplements, vitamins, perfumes, hair body and oral care.

Materials & Packaging Winner is: Flip-cap closure with ring-peel induction seal liner by West Wadding.

This new closure is all about accessible design. The new 63mm flip-cap closure with ring-peel induction seal liner provides innovative cap design, patented and manufactured in Australia. Through the design of the flip-cap closure and it seamless integration with their ingenious ring peel seal liner west Wadding have created a packaging solution that provides a positive consumer experience. A closure that is easy to open whilst also providing product protection and tamper evidence. They have actively sought to eliminate the frustration consumers currently feel about packaged products that are hard to open.  Simply flip the cap and pull the ring seal. Just two motions. There is no need for those with sensory, motion and cognitive limitations to use dangerous tools or aids to open or use the product.

2018 Design Innovation of the Year Award – Domestic & Household

The Design Innovation of the Year Award – Domestic & Household Category recognises organisations that have designed innovative packaging and processing materials, packaging and machinery/equipment within domestic and household items, toys, stationary, gifts, clothing, garden equipment, decorating.


Materials & Packaging Winner is: Precise Pour for continuous pour, anti-clog and tamper-evidence by Caps and Closures.

The Precise Pour Tap by Caps and Closures is designed to be used on bottles ranging from 500ml up to 25L to dispense liquid and is tamper evident. The Precise Pour has many advantages including continuous pour, anti-glug, low height for stacking bottles, opting for venting, knock resistant. This product is designed to replace any tap that requires the customer to puncture the bottle and any tap that is designed to be sold as an additional component.


High Commendation was awarded to Animal Instinct’s Feed My Fur Baby by OJI Fibre Solutions easy-to-open, re-sealable corrugated solution with scoop.

Feed My Fur Baby is a creative and functional design that moves away from traditional bags widely used in the Pet food market segment. The inclusion of a corrugated scoop also eliminates the need for a plastic scoop. The second scoop (spare) hidden in the box design is a good back up and a cleaver use of otherwise unused board. The simple flexographic one colour print does a great job in providing ‘Point of difference’ for the product also keeps it clean and easy to read. The unique box is one that stands out from the competition, a sustainable packaging that is a talking point among the pet lovers.

2018 Sustainable Packaging Design Award

The Sustainable Packaging Design Award is designed to recognise companies that have developed innovative packaging or processing solutions that incorporates sustainability considerations. Elements would include Social, Material, Source Reduction, Energy and Recovery.



The winner of the Sustainable Materials & Packaging Award will be awarded the custom EcodEX packaging environmental assessment valued at $10,000.  Empauer will implement its acclaimed EcodEX assessment and provide the winner a reputable third-party environmental evaluation of the product package or formulation.


Materials & Packaging Winner is: ICEE Containers biofoam PLA insulated boxes

ICEE Containers’ innovative and patented process, mould a strong and durable hinge in insulated foams using existing moulding equipment. The single moulding process which includes both the tub and the lid, results in a more efficient, insulated container that is supplied in folded flat configuration. The key sustainable feature is achieved by ICEE in their technical moulding innovation by moving from EPS to a Biofoam - a plant derived, sustainably grown crop and compostable material. The ICEE biofoam, folded-flat box, makes it economical and convenient to transport to, and warehouse at, the user’s site.  The folded flat box can then be easily stored in customer’s homes or offices until they are collected for the next reuse cycle. 


High Commendation was awarded to BioCane Range for the foodservice industry by BioPak

BioPak specialise in designing packaging using a unique substrate made from refined sugarcane pulp. The pulp packaging and any remaining food residues can be composted after use, effectively diverting waste from landfill and aligning with the principles of a circular economy. Their moulded bagasse (sugarcane pulp) pulp packaging is sturdy and provides a moisture and grease resistant surface that allows the packaging to retain liquids and food for a longer period of time. Their production facility is certified to ISO 14001 environmental standards, the products are made from rapidly renewable plant based agricultural byproducts designed to be compostable at the end of their life.

Machinery & Equipment Winner is CogniPRO Link for meat processing industry by Sealed Air Australia

Sealed Air Australia’s CogniProTM Link entry in this year’s award isn’t a piece of machinery or equipment, but a remote monitoring and digital analysis platform designed to improve throughput efficiency in Sealed Air vacuum chamber packaging equipment used by many large Australian and New Zealand Beef processors. Sealed Air’s CogniProTM Link remote monitoring and digital analysis platform provides ‘Red Meat’ processors the information response required on the processing equipment to improve their throughputs, operational performance.  These key operational improvements impact resource consumption (water, electricity, labour and time). The other major advantage is the CogniProTM link can be retrofitted to red meat processing equipment as old as 10 years.

2018 Industry Packaging Professional of the Year Award

The Industry Packaging Professional of the Year Award is designed to recognise and acknowledge the outstanding achievements and contribution by an individual currently working within the Packaging and Processing industries. The judges are looking for individuals who have demonstrated vision and leadership, shows innovation and not afraid to take risks. For significant and continued contribution of an Individual to the packaging and Processing industry over a minimum period of 25 years.


Winner is Craig Wellman FAIP, Chief Executive Officer, Wellman Packaging.

In 2001 Wellman Packaging decided to concentrate on moulding packaging products so the manufacturing facility was moved to Ingleburn and Craig promoted to CEO. The company changed its name to Wellman Packaging and has grown significantly under Craig’s leadership and foresight of the packaging business. Not only has capacity grown enormously, but they have gone into moulding and supplying the market with PET injection moulded preforms as well as thin-walled packaging. Craig has demonstrated innovative packaging leadership in plastics technology and injection moulded components over 20 years. Being involved in the family business since the age of 6, he has led his company to become a Tier 1 supplier of rigid packaging solutions for FMCG in food, pharmaceutical, homecare, personal care and beverage. This is manufacturing and distribution operations across four main business units of bottles, preforms, closures and thin walled IML.


2018 APPMA Scholarship

The APPMA Scholarship is awarded to a Packaging professional that is looking to further their education by offering them a scholarship to enrol in the Diploma in Packaging Technology to the value of $9000.


Winner is: Nathan Leong MAIP, Packaging/Product Technologist, Primo Smallgoods

Holding a Bachelor of Applied Science Degree (Major in Food Science & Nutrition), Nathan currently works in the food industry in Product and Research Development Roles. He understands that after twelve years in the food industry packaging design/development plays a pivotal role in the success of product protection, shelf life and marketing. Having this packaging knowledge in future will provide a diverse technical knowledge to add value in his current business in both areas of product and packaging.  Nathan has always been curious about various types of corrugates used for sporting cards and its primary and secondary encased packaging formats. He has been fascinated by the progression in food packaging from tetra packs, reclosable films and creation of packaging through 3D printing. Nathan hopes that someday he might be fortunate enough to be a part of packaging design that may benefit the world in some way.

2018 Packaging Council of New Zealand Scholarship

The Packaging Council of New Zealand Scholarship is awarded to a Packaging professional that is looking to further their education by offering them a scholarship to enrol in the Diploma in Packaging Technology to the value of $9000.


Winner is Jaco Scheepers, Packaging Technologist, Synlait Milk

Jaco has always had an interest in polymer materials, additives and plastic conversion processes, especially in flexible packaging materials. During grocery shopping and where possible elsewhere, he regularly looks at different packaging types to satisfy his natural curiosity of materials and packaging. He has learned that the integrity, quality or shelf-life of a product is directly linked to correct material choice and design of the packaging configuration. Jaco would like to broaden his knowledge across a range of different packaging materials, which will help allow him in years to come to develop with the Packaging Team at Synlait Milk great new and hopefully award-winning consumer packaging products that are both environmentally friendly and made from sustainable resources


2018 Young Packaging Professional of the Year Award

The purpose of the Young Packaging Professional of the Year Award is to provide incentive and recognition to young professionals who are both currently working in and wish to continue their career path within the Packaging & Processing industry.


PRIZE: The winner of the 2018 Young Packaging Professional of the Year Award will receive an enrolment into Leadership Management Australia’s ‘The Performance Edge’ - a 10 week development program valued at $3750.


Winner is Regan Foster AAIP, Director, Omniverse Foster Packaging

Regan started with Foster Packaging 5 years ago with no knowledge of Flexible Packaging. He has embraced the role and is a fast learner having to deal with the many challenges of being in a young start-up businesses. He took on the role with great enthusiasm and has achieved multiple successes within business and the packaging industry. As a young professional, Regan has had to deal with staff whom have many more year’s work experience behind them which is not always easy, especially when a colleague can be twice his age. His goal has always been to achieve the desired result by getting the best out of his colleagues. His passion to please their customer base has had a very positive and encouraging effect on the other staff members. Regan’s ‘can do’ attitude taking on sometimes impossible tasks is infectious and proves to the team that they have the ability to do anything.

The 2018 PIDA Awards are sponsored by Platinum Partners: Empauer, Midway Metals and SMC Australia and New Zealand Gold Partners: Fuji Xerox and Wellman Packaging, Bronze Partner: Leadership Management Australia (LMA), Exclusive Media Partner PKN Packaging News and Food & Drink Business and Supporters: APCO, Ecobliss, Esko, Gunn Lab and ProPak Asia.


Coordinated by the Australian Institute of Packaging (AIP), the Australian Packaging & Processing Machinery Association (APPMA) and Packaging New Zealand.