2018 Design Innovation of the Year Award – Domestic & Household
The Design Innovation of the Year Award – Domestic & Household Category recognises organisations that have designed innovative packaging and processing materials, packaging and machinery/equipment within domestic and household items, toys, stationary, gifts, clothing, garden equipment, decorating.


High Commendation was awarded to Animal Instinct’s Feed My Fur Baby by OJI Fibre Solutions easy-to-open, re-sealable corrugated solution with scoop.

Feed My Fur Baby is a creative and functional design that moves away from traditional bags widely used in the Pet food market segment. The inclusion of a corrugated scoop also eliminates the need for a plastic scoop. The second scoop (spare) hidden in the box design is a good back up and a cleaver use of otherwise unused board. The simple flexographic one colour print does a great job in providing ‘Point of difference’ for the product also keeps it clean and easy to read. The unique box is one that stands out from the competition, a sustainable packaging that is a talking point among the pet lovers.