Successful resource re-use, recovery and recycling can be greatly enhanced by providing the relevant on-pack information to help consumers decide on the most appropriate method for disposing of the packaging. This is also a key communication method to aid the conscious consumer who will decide whether to purchase the product dependent upon the characteristics of the packaging.

Consumer information relating to material identification, and/or appropriate disposal methods, is usually written on product 'labels', or by the use of decoration, or widely accepted symbols directly on-pack. 

However, not understanding what you can, and can't, say can damage a brand's reputation irreparably, as well as have legal implications. So it is important to give serious consideration to the messages you want to convey to the customer, ensure that any claims you are making can be substantiated and where appropriate seek professional advice.

We've got tips on labelling and symbols to help re-use, recovery and recycling and some of the do's and don'ts, legal issues and commonly used symbols.

To download the Labelling and Symbols section of the Code click here.

This great video from the New Zealand Commerce Commission on Environmental Claims is also well worth watching: