Reach Innovation Limited

17A Balgay St.,
Upper Riccarton,


The name originates from the concept of nominative determinism. It was designed to set continual company direction and to serve as an inspirational statement for those external to its operations.

We enjoy engaging in the practice of problem solving, understanding that said practice is a key fundamental to the art of innovating.  From concept evaluation, to functional /practicable design and onwards to prototyping and validation; our goals are to produce the products best fit to the needs of all parties involved in the process.

Our director has some background in pulp moulding and corrugated materials, yet more largely in other industries.  We see the packaging as very interesting space to work in; where small changes have the potential to create large global benefits.

Our Brands, Products and Services

  • Corrugated materials
  • Functional/Practicable Design
  • Prototyping
  • Pulp Moulding
  • Validation