A Traveller’s Predictions on Packaging

    I have just spent four months travelling through ten countries in Southeast Asia, India, China and now I am in Seoul. It’s great being an observer for a decent period of time. You can ponder all manner of things, and in this case, after plenty of thinking time, I feel suitably qualified to make some global packaging trend predictions. Resource use will remain an issue with... more »

    Bio-products and bio-resources are key to minimising waste

    I know I have covered the topic of waste in a previous blog, but this issue is huge and we all have a role to reduce impacts, as consumers, brand owners and manufacturers. Having worked my way through South-East Asia these last couple of months I am truly horrified by the waste. It’s not just packaging but consumer products are also discarded everywhere post-use. We have to... more »
  • Latest Travel Blog from Debbie Teale

    Latest Travel Blog from Debbie Teale

    Latest Travel Blog from Debbie Teale

    Why so many layers of protection? At the mini bar of a reasonably nice resort in Thailand I am faced with the choice of refreshing beverages complete with multiple layers of protective seals. In a previous blog I have commented on the seal on the lid of water bottles that seem unnecessary in my home country, but provide comfort when travelling. So what’s with the extra... more »

Media Articles

  • The New Zealand Herald Element Magazine

    Source: NZ Herald

    The Future of Packaging

    Packaging, which surrounds almost every consumer product, is in the hands of consumers fleetingly. But, in the moment before you dispose of it, think about the journey it took to create, make and apply that packaging... and how you will dispose of it. more »
  • Retail News


    Consumer behaviour at the heart of the plastic bag issue

    Plastic bags have been in the news over the last week, including the announcement of a new plastic bag recycling initiative by the Government. The Packaging Council representing the packaging industry has welcomed the initiative, but its executive director Sharon Humphreys says more needs to be done, particularly at the heart of the problem – the consumer. more »


    Auckland Today three-part series - part 3

    The third and final instalment in this series focuses on the choice of packaging materials and the impact of that choice on the end of life options for the packaging, covering companies providing innovative end-of-life solutions. more »