What We Do

What We Do

Our role is to represent the packaging industry as a key sector in the New Zealand economy and one that underpins domestic and international products and services.  

The global marketplace faces increasing demand for safe, environmentally sound products and packaging; this is placing increasing scrutiny on the supply chain, such as packaging producers in New Zealand. 

Our philosophy has always been to promote a whole-of-life approach to balancing environmental, health and safety impacts/outcomes and economics throughout the product’s lifecycle. 

We publish a weekly newsletter which is used by regulatory bodies as a conduit for sending information to the industry, it also provides information for members on upcoming events and training opportunities and it contains a pick of stories from around the world on global trends affecting the packaging industry. Sign-up to receive the weekly newsletter.

We offer in-depth advice on how to adopt the principles of our Code of Practice for Packaging Design, Education and Procurement .  The Code is based on international best practice and is an invaluable aid to environmental reporting and legal compliance.

We work with specialist organisations and consultancies to educate our members on emerging or new trends of importance such as anti-counterfeiting measures and traceability.

We provide specific data on the packaging industry in New Zealand including demographic information, GDP contribution and information nationally and regionally for data sets such as employment and business units.

We champion initiatives which improve industry and consumer awareness that good packaging prevents more waste than it creates.

We publish an annual report on New Zealand’s post consumer packaging recovery data with comparative data from jurisdictions similar to New Zealand.

We offer a wide variety of opportunities through seminars, workshops and social gatherings for members to network with other companies and service providers for mutual benefit.

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