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Tax Working Group - The Future of Tax

April 2018

BY EMAIL: submissions@taxworkinggroup.govt.nz


Thank you for giving Packaging New Zealand the opportunity to submit to the Tax Working Group.
We would be happy to elaborate on any of the points raised here as part of the consultation process.


Packaging New Zealand represents the whole packaging supply chain, including raw material suppliers, packaging manufacturers, brand owners, retailers and recycling operators. Our members represent more than 80% of the packaging industry by turnover, contributing $4,229m to New Zealand GDP and supporting over 5900 businesses employing over 50,000 people.

Packaging New Zealand’s role is to represent the interests of the packaging industry in applicable public policy and debate. Our members have a strong commercial incentive and statutory responsibility to manufacture ‘fit for purpose’ packaging. Fit for purpose includes, but is not limited to, reducing the environmental impact of packaging through applicable and cost effective solutions and product stewardship. Packaging must deliver goods in a condition in which they can be used, that meet the needs of many different groups in the community, and all at a price reflective of commercial pressures in an open economy.

Stakeholder interest has increased the number of our members actively aligning their activities and investment with Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and circular economy concepts. These global movements are likely to drive the pace, and shape the degree, of change in New Zealand’s open economy.

What is clear is that to achieve transformational change will require changes to the way we make things; the way we use the resources of our planet; the way we communicate and interact with each other as humans; the way we learn; the way we work; the way we govern; and the way we do business.

We commend the objectives of the tax working group “to apply a particular focus on the future to its work, with a view to exploring the major challenges, risks, and opportunities facing the tax system over the next decade and beyond.”

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