Packaging Mass Balance

Comprehensive information on packaging recovery rates including international comparisons.

The Packaging Mass Balance (April 2015) report provides recovery rates comparable with other countries and over time.  Key highlights are:

    • New Zealand packaging recovery rates have increased over the past decade from around 100kg per person in 2003 to 122kg in 2013
    • Likewise the recovery rate has increased from around 4 tonnes per $1USm of GDP in 2003 to over 4.5 tonnes in 2013
    • Despite this upward trend there is less evidence of improvements in recovery rates in recent years, with 2013 appearing to be lower than 2012
    • From a per capita basis, packaging recovery rates in New Zealand appear to be above those found in the US but below Europe
    • The international comparison improves further when one accounts for differences in levels of economic activity     

To read the full Infometrics report download here..