PIDAs successfully launched

In the stunning setting of Fonterra's Head Office in downtown Auckland the Packaging Council, with representatives from the AIP and APPMA, successfully launched the PIDA Australasian award programme platform

Harry Burkhardt, PAC.NZ's President, introduced the evening with a clear message "we are not going to apologise for what we do well - and packaging is what we do".  This was followed by a presentation from Leon Clement, Managing Director Fonterra Brands who gave the audience a taste of the scale of work undertaken by the brands business in the areas of environmental and social sustainbility.  Sharon Humphreys, PAC.NZ's Executive Director then welcomed the partners on the PIDA platform; the AIP and APPMA and proceeded to give an overview of the partnership proposal.  The formalities were finished off with a short presentation from Anthony Peyton, Greenchip, representing the AIP, taking the opportunity to congratulate Coster Ngirazi and Chris Hartwell, both from Fonterra, who are the first packaging technologists in New Zealand to achieve the Certified Packaging Professional qualification which is offered to the New Zealand industry through the AIP.